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What We Offer in Google Adwords/PPC Management Services in Noida

Search Ads

The most widely embraced form of paid search marketing is known as search advertising. This form of advertising is seen by individuals actively searching for your brand's products online. These Google Adwords/PPC ads are particularly effective for short-term campaigns or promotions with brief sales cycles. Our pay-per-click advertising solution.

Display Ads

Display advertising is widely recognized for its ability to reach over 90% of internet users. These ads are strategically placed on websites relevant to the user's interests and are featured on all websites affiliated with Google. With their compelling visuals and content, display ads captivate online consumers and encourage them to take desired actions.

Social Ads

Paid social media advertising represents a rapidly growing segment within the realm of PPC advertising services. Prominent social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter offer opportunities for social advertising. These platforms are configured to engage with potential customers based on their connections, interests, hobbies, and various attributes.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is recognized as an excellent strategy for engaging with consumers, boasting impressive double-digit conversion rates. These retargeting ads effectively prompt website visitors to revisit and complete conversions by reminding them of their prior interactions. Remarketing stands out as a cost-effective alternative to search advertising.

Shopping Google Ads

Google Shopping ads are particularly impactful when featured on websites boasting a diverse range of products. These pay-per-click (PPC) ads are showcased in a carousel format, typically positioned alongside or above Google's primary search results.

In-stream Ads

YouTube's in-stream ads, which are pay-per-click advertisements featured within the Display Network search results for YouTube videos and various video partners, are part of the package. These YouTube ads offer your business a unique and memorable way to present itself.

Local Services Ads

Local service advertisements operate on a pay-per-lead model, ensuring that you are only billed for clicks that convert into leads. This effective approach extends its relevance to various sectors, including locksmiths, electricians, HVAC companies, and plumbers.

Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon ads are widely recognized as one of the most prominent PPC services on the internet. By strategically placing sponsored advertisements across key hubs within the platform, Amazon sellers can boost sales, enhance brand visibility, and drive more traffic to their stores.

Our Google Ads Expert’s Strategy to boost your Business?

Keyword Research & Analysis

In our Noida-based Google AdWords/PPC services company, we utilize diverse approaches to understand consumer search patterns and predict the keywords they are likely to input into the search bar. We can identify your preferred keywords and categorize them based on their relevance within your industry, the level of competition, and the volume of searches they receive. Our team of paid search experts will work diligently to continually refine your keyword selection, ensuring it aligns with the interests and search intent of your target audience.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Begin leveraging our Google Ads (PPC) services in Noida to enhance both the quantity and quality of your lead generation efforts. Through the selection of impactful keywords, crafting engaging content, and incorporating compelling CTAs on your landing pages, we can create compelling headlines. By integrating SEO and PPC best practices, our PPC services have the potential to motivate online visitors to take the desired actions.

Detailed Reporting

The dedicated Google Ads and pay-per-click marketing firm in Noida ensures you stay updated on your campaign and online activities. We go a step further by offering personalized campaign reports that encompass your Google Analytics outcomes, keyword rankings, and the overall performance of your campaign. Accessible through our PPC agency, our client dashboard allows you to monitor your campaign’s progress in real-time.

Our Specialists' Workflow for Managing Google Ads/PPC

Keyword Exploration

Identifying the right keywords to focus on is pivotal for the success of PPC campaigns. We define the goals of your PPC campaign, meticulously sift through the vast array of Google search terms, and cherry-pick the most effective words.

Creation of Ad Text

We’ll craft your PPC ad with captivating headlines, enticing content, and distinct copy. Our skilled in-house content writer specializes in crafting compelling advertisements that motivate visitors to follow the Call to Action (CTA).

Landing Page Improvement

We craft landing pages specifically tailored to help businesses boost lead generation and sales. Our skilled team designs landing pages that not only resonate with your target audience but are also aesthetically pleasing, compelling visitors to take action and convert.

Exceptional Bid Management

Our Pay per Click specialists exclusively bid on keywords with a greater potential for delivering an impressive ROI. We vigilantly monitor these bids to reduce advertising costs by selecting the most pertinent and fiercely competitive keywords.

Track calls, sales, and conversions

To enhance the effectiveness of your company’s advertisements and achieve superior results, we meticulously track calls and conversions. This approach streamlines the management of sources, keyword performance, and campaign monitoring.

Monitoring and Reporting for PPC

Clients who utilize our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management services regularly receive comprehensive campaign data from us. We diligently monitor the Return on Investment (ROI) and fine-tune the campaigns based on the insights derived from the reports.

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